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Body by Bogner serves individuals, small businesses, and schools. We currently offer:

  • Personal Training at home as well as at Atlantis Sports Clubs in Danvers, Massachusetts
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Health and Wellness Services
  • Online Coaching

We particularly specialize in weight loss, sports conditioning, pre- and post-pregnancy fitness, senior & children's fitness, core fitness, and working with differently abled clients as well as pre- and post-surgery clients. Regardless of your goals, we know we can help you. Contact us today to get started!

Molla P.
"I am so super happy I found Tammy! Tammy challenges me and makes me believe I can reach my goals! She is very supportive and a wealth of nutritional advice. Very professional but she also makes it like your working out with a friend. I signed up for 20 sessions and can't wait to sign up for 20 more! Tammy has definitely made an impact in my life physically and mentally. I wholeheartedly recommend if you are looking to make the next step in your life to choose Tammy!"

John M.
"Tammy and I have been training on flexibility and stretching specifically....The program is focused on multiple areas and is properly positioned for me to develop my flexibility in sessions and on my own. The training sessions are appropriately timed and Tammy is also able to arrange her time based upon my busy schedule. The experience is developing as we both expect it to take a few months to see significant change, but so far, I am very pleased."

Shannon M.
"Tammy is truly amazing. I was looking for a personal trainer who was relatable and motivating, and I got exactly that and so much more! She put me on a diet plan that totally worked for me, and she really made working out an enjoyable experience! The workouts were different every time, and I started seeing results right away! I 110% highly recommend training with Tammy!!"

Andrea L.
"I fully recommend Tammy for anyone that

is looking to get in shape and have fun

working out. She is always upbeat

and provides a great workout!!"

Mark S.
"Tammy has been great. She listens to what your goals

are and works with you to achieve them. She has a great

deal of knowledge and insight within the broad realm of the

fitness arena. She also displays a radiant enthusiasm for her

profession and your goals. The resulting energy is contagious."

Anita M.
"Tammy is a great find!!! She is warm, attentive, and knowledgeable. She is down to earth and encourages realistic, safe goals. I am motivated each week by her and looking forward to continued success."

Paula H.
"Tammy has whipped me into shape in less than 10 sessions. Still a bit more to do because of my age but she is fabulous. She pushes but is supportive and encouraging. She knows exactly what she's doing. I could not be happier. She is also a very sweet young woman. She needs no improvement!"

Katia L.
"Tammy is knowledgeable, passionate and positive. She pushes you to reach your goals and get results. I have been working with Tammy and not only do I look better but I feel stronger. I would definitely recommend reaching out to Tammy."

Anita G.
"We have met with Tammy twice so far. She is a great trainer! She is able to adapt our workouts for both myself and my husband -- and we have different needs. She pushes us just hard enough and continues to mix up our workouts. She is very focused on our goals and we already are seeing results."

Diane C.
"She is phenomenal! Tammy is patient and understanding. She tailors workouts to the specific needs of the client and offers helpful food/eating suggestions. Tammy does not judge, she motivates. First class all the way"

Joy C.
"I have been training with Tammy for four months now and before her I couldn't even do a push up. I am getting the results I always wanted but didn't know how to. I always wanted to hire a trainer but felt self-conscious and she makes me feel comfortable. She makes my workouts motivating and challenging. I am so thankful I met her and I would recommend training with Tammy. She has changed my life and I love it!!!"

Julie T.
"I have been working out w Tammy for over eight months now. I decided to hire a trainer to help me to strength and endurance train. I began with some work out history but I was not tone or very strong. I have experienced not only complete transformation with my body and a loss of over 15 pounds but I have a much stronger core. By strength training with Tammy, I have been able to improve my running stamina and time as well as my over all endurance. Tammy has helped to achieve goals that needed to be accomplished. I am still currently working out with Tammy twice a week."

Preston R.C.
"What can I say about Tammy, well she's nothing less than amazing. I started training with Tammy sometime in November and the results I've experience are astonishing. I have always been a skinny guy....but because of her not only have I built muscle mass but I can't stop staring at my body. My entire body is lean muscle.She knows exactly how to push you -- when to push and what exercises to give you for your desired goal. I now have the skills and knowledge to progress my fitness to new levels. I hate that I moved from the state because if I could I'd pack her in a box and take her with me, I would!"

Dr. Agnes J.
"She has been a good help and great push for me to be successful in my quest in becoming healthier.  Even when I whine a lot she put up with me, pushes me, and gets the job done.  Tammy knows what she is doing and is very knowledgeable not only as a trainer but in nutrition also. Great Job Done! Thank you for helping me lose over 30 pounds and getting me stronger and fitter! I will continue to train with her forever!"

Kate T.
"I train with Tammy for an hour a week. She is friendly, enthusiastic, always makes working out fun, and her rates are extremely reasonable.  It’s great when you work 40 hours a week, to have someone who will come to you, and train with you at your house. She’s always changing things up from week to week too which helps to keep things new and exciting.  She came highly recommended to me and now I am happy to highly recommend to others."

Nicole B.
"Tammy has taught me ways to get the results that I want. Not only is she motivating and encouraging here methods truly work! I highly recommend training with her."

Jill S.
"Tammy called me to schedule my first training session soon after I joined the gym. She was upbeat and excited and started getting me psyched right away. Tammy’s easy-going nature made my sessions with her fun but challenging. She gave me instruction, advice, and most of all much needed encouragement. With each session we would go through the exercises we had done previously but she would also show me new techniques and tricks to make my work-outs continuously challenging to keep me motivated. She even provided me with healthy eating tips and would occasionally send me emails to keep me on track. She seemed to really understand my obstacles and how to overcome them. Our sessions became so much fun that I actually looked forward to going to the gym! Tammy was not only my teacher and cheerleader, I thought of her as a friend. She helped me gain confidence in myself and now I am SO PROUD of what I’ve accomplished! I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 days a week now for 4 months, I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds and my blood pressure has returned to normal! The best part is that I actually LIKE going to the gym now. I could never have gotten here without Tammy’s instruction, encouragement and energy. She truly has a gift and should be so proud of her accomplishments."